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How To Create Passive Income.

Ahh those beautiful words. Passive income. Earning money whilst you sleep. That's part of my future plan when it comes to business and creating an epic life. 

I don't want to rent my life out per hour in order to spend the remaining few hours actually living. I don't want my earning potential to be capped by how someone else sees that my time is worth. I don't want to trade my life for mediocre when I could be thriving. You know what it takes to break free of these? It takes guts, it takes work but more than anything it takes the realisation that you don't NEED to do these things to make your life look how you want it. 

We are programmed to believe we must do as we are taught. Go to school, go to university, create educational debt, get a job, start on a low wage, work your way up each year, build your career, pay off said study debt, get married, buy a house, have kids, save, work, work, work and if you are lucky have a wonderful retirement and then well, you know. 

I don't believe this is the way for MANY of us. I know there are other ways of succeeding and so do you! We see it all around us. The world is changing so quickly. 

This is why I have chosen to add affiliate marketing in to my catalogue of income. It's so incredibly abundant.

It's similar to MLM, but I know when you hear that you may have packed your bags and run for the hills. What I want you to understand though is that pretty much all retail has many levels getting paid from one product. You buy some shoes and there would be at least 10 people up the ladder making money from the profit. So how about instead of a faceless corporation you buy from your friend. Then your friend can afford to pay for their groceries or mortgage and their friend who also earns from the profit can do the same with their life and so on and so forth. You are instead investing your money in the little people. YAY!

Now affiliate marketing is similar but has some big differences. Affiliate is choosing to work with certain brands or products that you love and then sharing why or how you love them or how it has impacted your life, and then if people feel so inclined to find out more they follow the link or mention your name, and when they purchase you get rewarded. It's word of mouth. Like how you sell a lot of things to friends and family or even strangers without even knowing it. The brand I am affiliated with also has perks of not having to constantly buy product to hit a monthly quota even if you don't need it (no thank you) and you can immediately out earn or out "rank" anyone in the team. So if Sandra gets you hooked on a sweet product and then you love it and sell it to more people than Sandra did you earn more. This isn't always the case with MLM. Most of them have the structured teams that don't allow you to go beyond the person who brought you in. Crazy right? We also don't hide behind a product. Yes it's awesome and the foundation of the dollars coming in BUT what we are here for is personal growth, your story, community, passion and creating so much space in your life so you can feel ALIVE. No shakes or oils or shampoo. Just you. Doing your thing. Growing and sharing your journey. This is the beauty of personal branding. Getting paid to simply be YOU. 

If any of this is sounding pretty cool to you and you want to find out more please email me. I would love to show you how this could maybe work for you too! Otherwise you will hear me chatting about this in the future whilst I build my other businesses too! It's all flowing together and I am so excited for life right now :) 

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