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The Dream Behind Oriah.

Ahh the eternal question of trying to find yourself, or what lights you up or what you are here to do. 

I think often there are an array of things. Perhaps we go through multiple chapters of our lives where certain things light us up more than others. That isn't very helpful though is it... I would also slap someone who told me that. 

So I remember hearing very practical advice in regards to what our "thing" should be and it went something like this;

Think back to when you were between the ages of 7-14. If there was something very predominant that you enjoyed doing often like drawing, or building, or writing stories, or playing an instrument etc these could all give clues as to what your soul is drawn to doing when there are no other responsibilities around. 

When I heard this I was a little stunned. What an interesting concept. When I was between these ages the one thing I always remember doing was drawing endless fashion designs, models, styling and incredibly beautiful ball gowns. I had books and books of them. I also spent a lot of time outside, singing and reorganising my room. So those are things I need to unpack and look at when creating my next chapter!

Which is why you have found me here. For many years I had this big dream of my own boutique filled with the most beautiful things. It would be a place where women would come together and the store would turn into a meeting place and gathering of like minded women. We would host wine nights, and product launches. I would one day add my own design label into the mix. We would be a go-to for finding that special piece that makes not only you feel wonderful and confident but gifts for your friends and family too. It would be special. Not just another store, but an actual community. I want to make women feel empowered. I feel for me at least, that starts with how I get dressed each day or what I surround myself with, what I share, what I inspire others to feel. A reflection of my internal world on the outside. I want to help you find that too. 

I have a feeling this might be my calling. Combining my love of fashion, beautiful things and events. I hope you can join me as my dream slowly unfolds!


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