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The Tangled Mind.

Here I am. 

Lost again. Feeling as if everything is out of control. 

Perhaps it is, but perhaps maybe it isn't. Perhaps this is just my default and my comfort zone. Having things fall apart and brake me down is quite a consistent theme of myself. My inner voice is a loud one. It's vicious and angry. She runs wild and deep. One day I might learn the reason I was gifted this powerful inner voice. For now though she feels like a burden. 

It feels as though my mind has been run in a million different ways and got tangled along the journey. Like I am stuck and if I could just break free I might be able to move forward without the great weight on the world. It probably sounds like I am whinging, which I kind of am, but I am also just trying to be transparent here. I have done so much inner work but the evil still roams. I am so so much better than I was in so many ways but in others I have fallen off the wagon. 

Life is interesting like that isn't it. 

What I know that I need now is routine, consistency, reliability and a plan. 

So here goes. 

I am going to start with a day re-shuffle. I will get up early in the morning with the boys (Harry wakes between 5-530 every morning!) and go for my walk to not only clear my head but to give Riley her walk. The I will make a nourishing breakfast at home. The only other must do tasks for each day is one small load of washing and a 20 minute stretch session. Nothing else matters right now. This is phase one! 

This will just be a short rant as this is part of my goal. Show up here however that looks and open up to you! Or maybe it's for myself and a way to keep reliable...

Anyone else feeling the same? Feels as though I am drowning. Maybe we can all learn to float again together xx 

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  • Love this post. Definitely feeling the same!

    Jessica Carruthers

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